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Ms. Elizabeth Stringer - ESL

Elizabeth Stringer grew up in Galax, VA.  She graduated from Carroll County High School in 1996.  She attended Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, VA where she earned a BA with a double major in Spanish and Sociology.  While attending Bridgewater College, Ms. Stringer had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain.  She returned to the United States after a year abroad with a renewed appreciation for Spanish culture and language.  Wanting to use her Spanish skills to help her community, she began teaching ESL at Galax High School where she fell in love with her job.  (One of Ms. Stringer's secrets is that she never wanted to be a teacher!  She really wanted to be an anthropologist, but now she cannot imagine doing anything else but teaching!)  Eventually Ms. Stringer wanted to focus more on education, so she returned to school and earned her MA degree in Education with a focus on Reading and Language instruction.  Ms. Stringer is now in her 14th year of teaching ESL at Galax High School.  She often serves as a teacher trainer around the state to help teachers with strategies for teaching ELL students.  She is proud to be an advocate for the Hispanic community, and continues to be impressed with the diversity that defines Galax High School.


Mr. James Kohl is a graduate of Galax High School. He has had the privilege to spend time abroad in many Spanish speaking countries including Spain, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.  Mr. Kohl is very excited to be starting a new school year here at GHS.